Motivational Thoughts

For the last couple of months I’ve been meditating on the word perseverance, to persevere. It didn’t hit me hard until today. My Mom and I were talking about weightlifting and how muscles grow. See where it’s heading? Only when a muscle is broken down and exhausted does it grow and revive. This is how our body works!

Now, lets look at our lives. Only when we are fully spent does perseverance, in our character, mature. How often do we experience difficulty or hard times? We show up on the stage of our life and we did not take the time to develop our character? What if a body builder said, “Oh, at least I made it to the gym,” or, “I will do it someday.”

Character is not something we are born with! It is taught and developed over our lives.

Someone does not walk into the gym with muscles. They are built. Now, how does this meet me in my day to day. My daily grind. If our body needs time to rest and to build, allow yourself and others the opportunity to grow and to mature. I encourage you to persevere through, regardless of opposition or failure.

We are not defined by failures, but by our growth to our potential.