Prepared Willing Able

During my personal meditation today I pondered on something. Which comes first the cup or the water that fills the cup? ( scientifically its the water, but hey it’s an analogy stick with me )  God or the Universe needs you! ( PC for what ever you believe ) It doesn’t take much, just mindful and purposeful action. It can simply start with one selfless action per day. But watch out it’s addictive! In our minds we can prepare ourselves for this one selfless act. We are creating a container for life giving kindness. A cup, for someone to drink of our compassion, kindness, and love. -Jonathan

My Sincere Apologies

In my efforts to make do and squeeze the most out of this server I was making the configuration as lean as possible.

1. Disable as much as i could under: initctl list
2. Minimum modules loaded: lsmod
3. Minimal services under /etc/rc2.d/
4. Minimal under: lsof
5. Minimal network services: netstat -tan ; netstat -uan
6. And of course: ps -AF

Thought I’d check the log files while I was at it. That’s when I saw my mistake. A simple mistake.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the TTRSS (Tiny Tiny RSS) Android app. In short, I love it. It synchronizes RSS news across all my devices: phone, tablet, and computer. To make it work there needs to be an entry in the crontab to fetch feeds.

So the line:
* 5 * * * [command]

Should read:
0 5 * * * [command]

The result from the incorrect entry was a process that spawned a new instance every minute, for an hour. My sincere apologies for the mistake. It was not intentional. Sincerely, Jonathan

Jetta Project – Systems

This info is not set in stone and it will be added to as I learn more. Basically went through the service manual and selected the main systems that I would like to check and replace if needed.

These are the various systems of the car:

oil pressure switch
oil pressure sending unit
engine starter
vibration damper
crankshaft sprocket
intermediate shaft sprocket
intermediate shaft
timing drive belt
timing belt tensioner
drive belt cover (rear)
drive belt cover (upper)
drive belt cover (lower)
oil filter
oil cooler
cylinder head
camshaft oil seal
intermediate shaft oil seal
crankshaft oil seal

Ignition System:
ignition reference sensor
hall ignition sender
ignition control unit
ignition coil
distributor rotor
ignition wires
spark plugs
vacuum diaphragm

Exhaust System:
oxygen sensor
exhaust manifold
front exhaust pipe
catalytic converter
heat shield
muffler (middle, resonator)
evaporative emission control system (EGR system?)
gravity valve
breather valve
charcoal canister
solenoid valve 1
solenoid valve 2
EGR thermo valve
EGR valve

Coolant System:
overflow reservoir
coolant pump
coolant pump pulley
thermostat housing
cooling fan relay
coolant temperature sensor

Misc Systems:
drive axle
drive axle flange
constant velocity (CV) joint
disc brake caliper
McPherson strut
brake pads
air conditioning system (compressor?)

Fuel System:
fuel filter
fuel pump (relay?)
fuel accumulator
fuel distributor
fuel transfer pump
fuel pressure regulator
fuel tank
fuel injectors


Throttle System:
knock sensor 1
knock sensor 2
knock sensor control unit (TCI-h)
control pressure regulator (CIS)
auxiliary air regulator (CIS)
intake manifold temperature sensor
speed sender (sensor?)
idle switch
full-throttle switch
vacuum switch for upshift indicator
cold start valve
after-run thermo switch
thermo-time switch
air filter housing
air filter
throttle valve
knock sensor indicator light
idle speed stabilizer
idle speed valve (idle air stabilizer valve?)
air flow sensor plate (air flow sensor POT)
intake manifold
auxiliary air regulator
differential pressure regulator
cold start valve
vacuum amplifier

Jetta Project

I have always enjoyed taking things apart and learning how they work. And so in the spirit of learning and discovery I have taken almost every component out of the engine compartment of my 1992 VW Jetta (2.0L DOHC 16V).  There were several issues with the car that needed attention. Coolant leaks as well as serious oil leaks that covered almost everything in oil. For personal reasons it also has been sitting for a long time without use.

Originally back when I had purchased the car my hope was to take it apart to learn as much as I could about what made it run. Over the years I have slowly learned more and more. This year though I’ve made some serious strides in the project. My hope is to eventually share what I’ve learned.

Ultimately, I would like to replace the ECU

with a home-brew solution. There are several companies that do this but instead of using some product I want to build it from the ground up. Here are several sites that I am learning as much as I can:

I have purchased a VW service manual for the car:

I have dedicated the last five years (at a hobby level) to studying it as well as the web and YouTube for reference. To make sure I understand the systems of the car I have made a list of all the major components within the car. I will include them in another post. Currently, I am studying the electrical schematics in the back of the book. Understanding the systems at that level will be the final, beginning steps, to repairing and modifying the car. Stay tuned!