Jonathan’s Current Projects

With this wonderful weather here I’ve started working on my project list.

Projects in no particular order:

  1. Restore VW Jetta
  2. Work on the I.T.S. novel
  3. Study for HAM exam
  4. Paint studio exterior
  5. Garden: ultra-sonic vaporizer incubator, raised beds, irrigation system, hydroponics
  6. Continue composting and mulch pile
  7. Make jewelry boxes
  8. Make treasure boxes/chests
  9.  Decking for back yard
  10. Build an oscilloscope
  11. Build a HAM radio
  12. Make HAM antennas
  13. Make laser tag system
  14. Build light tracking solar array, solar panels for studio
  15. Build an ATV
  16. Build bike path compatible three-wheeled bike
  17. Make a chemistry/biochemistry/microbiology lab
  18. Make META-file-indexing program
  19. Raspberry PI Jukebox
  20. Make software multi-tool
  21. Make virtual/software robot
  22. Build a generator
  23. Build a custom grill
  24. Make an algae bioreactor

Our Music Video Project

My sister Jessica and I love cinema and the creative process involved. We are big on movies here and gather to watch a movie every Friday as a family (often casually, in addition, about three films). So when a friend and fellow music artist, Fay, came to my sister and I with an idea to create a music video to one of her soundtracks we agreed.

At first i do not think any of us knew the scope and work that would be involved to get to the final release. Everyone did an amazing job requiring both ingenuity and creativity that made the project possible.

The music video filming was done in 2010 and 2011 on the Oregon coast. We were on a shoe-string budget and so as more help was needed, we lassoed in friends and family to complete the filming.

We used a high-end consumer HD (1920×1080 30p) grade camcorder, Canon HF S20. At the time it had a price tag of around $1,000 dollars. We had one tri-pod as well. Down the road I would love to get professional grade equipment and cameras but that is what we had available at the time.

To create a true capture of Fay’s inspiration and creative vision she sifted through Terabytes of HD footage and carefully selected in-and-outs on all source media. Using an old copy of Sony Vegas we humbly started the editing process. We ended with a successful and acceptable final draft. That was back in 2011.

Both my sister and I have studied and analyzed cinema almost our entire lives. We would regularly go to the theater and watch movies at home. Eventually we decided we needed to upgrade our personal theater. So we ended up getting a higher-end projector as well as converting our garage to a theater.

We ended up just using a white king size bed sheet as the screen. Now we are continuing to slowly improve it even more. He he, we have gone through four projectors already. A couple years ago we walled off the garage door and put sheet rock up. The bed sheet works amazingly well and so we stuck with it for now. It is in continual evolution and consistently upgrading.

Over the years I learned more about cinema and editing. In the next couple of years I am hoping to get a degree in cinema studies. So recently Fay had some new ideas and fixes/modifications to the music video. She had also redesigned and enhanced her song so she wanted to replace the soundtrack. This time around I wanted to improve the video as well.

We had a great video already but I knew a lot of work was ahead. Working on things like: stabilizing the footage, color correction, in-and-outs adjustments just to name a few.

The running joke is, “OK, this is the final draft.” We watch the video, “OK, this is the epic final draft.” We re-watch the edits, “Alright, this is the epic final complete release reloaded.” Again we review the music video, “Finally this is the apocalyptic epic most best complete final release reloaded version 14.” Ha ha ha… that’s about how it went.

So hopefully you will enjoy the video. I will provide a link to the video soon. A big thank you to all involved, without you it would not have been possible!!

Maybe A New Server In The Future

So of course money is tight. But what’s new. The current server has been bugging me because it is a little too slow for dishing out the websites and internal DNS. Arg!

After browsing on Ebay it may be possible to upgrade a little. Currently, it’s a Pentium 4 HT (2 cores) with 1GB of RAM. Yes that’s a hunk of junk now days, but it’s what I have to work with.

By the end of the year it may be possible to get something. Mean while, thanks for stopping by!

Story Woe

I have been so inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead through out my life. And I’m currently caught up in his recent BRIGHT EMPIRES series.

So, I aspire to excellence. At least which planet I want to start with is nailed down.  And so I check off location. Which character, Timothy Page, check.

And details? Hmmm…. yeah those. My Myers-Briggs “S” is on a holiday and so my mind can see it but getting images to words is just not happening.

I have so much content, just not in story format. Well, I am going to just try some brain-dump-ing. Off goes the key pecking zombie…

Get Connected

Here is where I’ll post all things: “hacker” -space.

So far here is a great article on what is the difference. Is there an actual separation? Maybe a cultural one. Something like, “you know those guys over there in the corner? They’re the programmers. The people at the coffee bar? Talking and moving non-stop, can’t miss’em. We’re not sure… The “maker” crowd? I think they are on the roof.”

Here is some good info:


Obviously, this “place ______” is just in the idea phase.

Something that I hope we can achieve is to bring the community’s creativity together in a safe place. Where mentors can accept apprentices. Where new members and beginners are encouraged and cheered. With local job postings and career recruitment opportunities. Ultimately a community that is safe and friendly. The roof for your latest hack/make/craft is just a bonus.


One of my favorite sites to browse ( ) has some awesome info that I’m going to look over.


I have yet to check these guys out: