True Wealth and Success

Tonight I watched a great video of Tony Robbins. The topic I believe was about financial freedom. One of his points really stirred my beliefs and I feel is so important. The concepts of wealth and success. Has anyone told you how valuable you are? How meaningful? How important? Somehow this universe came to be and look what was made. You.

And so, what do we value? I don’t believe money is the definition of success. That wealth is defined by our assets and possessions. True worth is intangible. Success beyond productivity. The experience of feeling valued and reciprocating that care. That love. Something that can never be bought, only given.

Know and exist in that presence and cradle of worth and significance. We can have a wealth beyond anything corporal. My hope for you tonight is that you find this comfort.

Rest well, Jonathan

Motivational Thoughts

For the last couple of months I’ve been meditating on the word perseverance, to persevere. It didn’t hit me hard until today. My Mom and I were talking about weightlifting and how muscles grow. See where it’s heading? Only when a muscle is broken down and exhausted does it grow and revive. This is how our body works!

Now, lets look at our lives. Only when we are fully spent does perseverance, in our character, mature. How often do we experience difficulty or hard times? We show up on the stage of our life and we did not take the time to develop our character? What if a body builder said, “Oh, at least I made it to the gym,” or, “I will do it someday.”

Character is not something we are born with! It is taught and developed over our lives.

Someone does not walk into the gym with muscles. They are built. Now, how does this meet me in my day to day. My daily grind. If our body needs time to rest and to build, allow yourself and others the opportunity to grow and to mature. I encourage you to persevere through, regardless of opposition or failure.

We are not defined by failures, but by our growth to our potential. -Jonathan


Have you recently felt worthless, useless, stuck, or low significance. Maybe it was something that happened in the past. Did it happen this week. May I be one that encourages you to meditate on the word “courage“.

This past month over and over this word has plagued my mind. Looking for it and asking myself if I have it. I finally realized that the meaning and significance of this word escaped me. Let me share with you from the definition of “courage”.

Courage is

the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. Physical courage is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death, while moral courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement.”

If you ever feel despair, worthlessness, hopelessness, or fear, it is a lie. Your life is worth so much!

Find your strengths and engage them.

List the obstacles in your life and challenge them!

Take courage.

Prepared Willing Able

During my personal meditation today I pondered on something. Which comes first the cup or the water that fills the cup? ( scientifically its the water, but hey it’s an analogy stick with me )  God or the Universe needs you! ( PC for what ever you believe ) It doesn’t take much, just mindful and purposeful action. It can simply start with one selfless action per day. But watch out it’s addictive! In our minds we can prepare ourselves for this one selfless act. We are creating a container for life giving kindness. A cup, for someone to drink of our compassion, kindness, and love. -Jonathan

Just Too Cute

So my mom found a TV show on Netflix called Too Cute. Ahh man, so true. If you need a break or are on overload these warm fuzzy animals will steal your heart.

Capabilities Verses Ethics

Playing off my “Scifi Ideas” post:

On a more serious note maybe in fifty years we will be faced with questions like this.

Will our capabilities out-weigh our ethics?!

Will It become so easy to improve, enhance, upgrade ourselves that we no longer justify the genetic dice roll. Today in a way we have the opportunity to live “modified” somewhat. But most of what we have isn’t upgrades per-say just fixes of a sort. There are medications for: diabetes, heart problems, liver, mental health. We even have a replacement for our heart. Stretch our capabilities further from fixes to upgrades.

After joining the football team in the contract you are given the choice to enhance. Just because everyone in sports starts enhancing and upgrading. Do you?

I’ve thought a lot about this topic after reading, “The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” by Ray Kurzweil.

  • Replace your heart with a performance edition just for athletes. Never have any heart troubles again with your ticker that has a 1,000 year warranty.
  • Think of things like a pill to stimulate growth of artificial cartilage. Can’t wait for a pill? Think indestructible inject-able joints.
  • Metabolism stabilizers to keep it elevated to always burn the right amount of calories.
  • An implantable neurological stimulate’r to boost the electrical signals of your artificially grown central nervous system. By suppressing the natural nervous system you feel no pain. An artificial nervous system can be turned on and off. For a more “connected” feeling while doing sports.
  • Solders and combative athletes will take fear inhibitors and cognitive boosters. Get in the zone faster and longer.
  • Like having a runner’s high? With a simple device that wraps around the neck you can “turn on/off” when you want it.
  • A selective central nervous system suppressor for getting the perfect nights sleep every night. Sleep in a capsule that monitors all your vitals and creates the perfect sleep every night. It has, climate control, massage, ultra pure air, and an amazing mixture to induce sleep and relaxation. Too old fashioned? Get the chip that deactivates the need parts of the brain used, or rather not used, during sleep. Sleep Corporation’s slogan, “May you live long and sleep efficiently.”

For everything we do that is normal and good, there is modified and better.

Immortality? Down the road. Upgrades? In your lifetime.

Together we stand or divided we fall

From my personal meditation:

division is never success.
we are one.

detail: Conflict, be it opinion or point of view, can divide. When we think of our self. We are divided. When we think only of others. We are divided. Together we stand, or divided we fall.


When in war. Learn the vital points of your enemy. Not to use them, but to avoid them. In doing so you defeat them, by removing your fear of the enemy.

In my life, fear was my master for a long time. I found that when knowledge replaces ignorance, it causes serenity and can remove fear. Fear’s power comes from the unknown. When I was afraid I was surrendering to this hellish master.

If I may reference the Bible, one man that comes to mind is David. A man not a stranger to war. His belief in GOD was his foundation that SOMEONE more powerful, then the gravity that binds our galaxy, went before him.

You don’t have to be religious to experience freedom. Just like in hand-to-hand combat there are vital striking points. Fear can cause: despair, hopelessness, confusion, doubt, withdrawal. I examine myself every time I experience these crippling thoughts. Am I basing a decision or reacting to a situation fueled by fear or knowledge.

Our fear only has the power we give it. Does fear have a grip on your life? Instead of surrendering, transmute it. When i recognize the signs, I get busy and do some homework. Though it may not feel like it, you have a choice.

May I encourage you to not be a hostage. Belief is what you have before. Faith during. And after? Freedom.

Passionate Living

Experience is quite a teacher and certainly can present itself as unbelievably expensive. The price seems outrageous, but it is priceless. It can be for the good or depending upon what we do with our experiences, not so good.

I met a ninety-two year old woman the other day in the grocery store. Can’t quite remember why we started chatting, but this little lady captivated me. She had playful eyes and her smile was so beautiful. I found myself really laughing and even crying with her. Her openness and warmth was hard to simply walk away from. What an unforgettable woman.

Laughing forces despair to not rule us… I believe sharing gives hope and hope gives strength.

Together, we can be stronger.



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